As well as Doctor Wizard's Patented Elevation
Indicators, Walter Napiorkowski creates Fairy
Fossils.  Fairy Fossils were first created in
2002 and are currently available through this
Web site.  Fairy Fossils are highly-detailed
relief plaques of the fossilized remains of
fairies and other mythological creatures.  

Walter is our in-house artist here at Emerald's
Emporium so each piece has his own
personal touch.  Each design is sculpted,
individually cast in Hydrostone
™, and hand-
painted by the artist. Every piece is signed
and numbered on the back.  Each design is
limited to a run of 50, to ensure a good
investment for buyers.

Fairy Fossils are ready for hanging or could be
displayed with a plate or artist easel.

Walter's company is called Stratus Artworks.
Emerald's Emporium
Page last updated 12/04/2020
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